VTAS Waskatenau Fair 2019

Planning is underway for the 2019 Waskatenau Parade. Updates related to the Bench Show, Horse Show and more will be posted on the website as they become available . If you are interested in volunteering please contact one of the numbers listed on the Fair page.


A Rider Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 22 at 7:30 pm in the Lunch Room in the Arena for all riding members and new members to discuss arena rates for the upcoming year. 

Equipment Ready - Awaiting Permits for Fitness Centre

The Fitness Area workout equipment arrived the first week of April and is now setup thanks to Ken Lucki and his staff.  A group of VTAS volunteers completed final setup & clean up of the change areas.  The final steps remain before the fitness area can be open to the public.  These include final building inspection in mid April and the occupation certification by the Fire Inspector.   

Fitness Centre Soon to Open

With the construction complete on the Fitness Centre, there are a few stages left to complete before it will be open for use.  Once the security system and fire safety equipment are installed there will be a total clean-up before the equipment arrives.  The equipment has been ordered and will arrive in 2 to 4 weeks.   

Renovation Project Update

The long wait is almost over for the Rider Area in the Arena as well as the Fitness Area.  The finishing touches are being put on the floors.  Equipment and furnishings are the next and final stage of the renovations. 

Check Out the Arena Rental Updates

Changes have been made to the Arena Bookings and Rental Section as there was a need to add clarity.  Please check these out prior to using the Arena for riding.  There will be a message board posted in the Arena where riders can post questions and suggestions.  

Waskatenau Fair

At the last meeting of the VTAS, there was a chance to debrief on the August Waskateanu Fair Days.  It was unanimous that the Fair was a huge success.  Imagine over 135 kids involved in the Kids' Zone.  It took many many volunteer hours to plan and host the fair --- A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WERE INVOLVED IN MAKING THE WASKATENAU FAIR A SUCCESS!!! 

Construction Update

Construction at the Arena is moving along steadily.  The Fitness Area will soon be ready for painting and flooring as the taping and sanding is completed.  Heat and lighting are the first priority though as we are now into fall.  The arena has been without heat or lights to this point but that will soon change.  


We need lots of volunteers for the upcoming VTAS Fair - August 12 & 13.  There is lots to be done with the setup, staging of events and more.  If you can help out in any way, please contact Don at 358-2411.  Your help support will be greatly appreciated!  

Construction Update

June 25 - Solar panels are in place on the Arena roof and ready to be hooked into the system. Thanks Dwayne of Eneray Solar. Check out the latest photos under Fitness Centre. 

Inspections are complete for the Arena and it is full speed ahead with the construction and lighting.  Check out the updated photos under the Facilities - Fitness Centre. Special THANKS to all who have been working so hard on the construction project over the last few months.  Grant applications and funding has been an enormous task - many thanks to Don for heading up that.  Everyone's efforts are GREATLY appreciated. 

Thank you, 2016!

VTAS would like to thank everyone that helped with projects in 2016.  This past year the Ag. Society hosted the Annual Fair, supported 4H, provided youth sponsorships, supported Holy Family School, participated in Waskatenau Light-Up, and fundraising activities.

Plans are underway to renovate the VTAS Arena foyer area to include a fitness area as well as a historic and sports display area.