Our Story...

In 1961, enthusiastic community members within the counties of Smoky Lake and Thorhild held an organizational meeting in Waskatenau with the intent to form an agricultural society.  They would choose the Victoria Trail Agricultural Society (VTAS) as their registered name due to the historic Victoria Trail that wound itself through both counties.   At this meeting, their pledge was to improve livestock, grain, seed and hay through sponsorship of shows and fairs.  For the homemaker, the promotion of flowers, vegetables, handicrafts and baking through sponsorship of the bench show.  4H clubs and educational tours were also and important focus for the society.

"The Betterment of Farming, Living and the Community" - Creed of the Society

In 1970, a forgivable government grant of $100,000 kick-started the construction of the multi-complex building that would become the cornerstone of the community for ice activities in the winter and farm events in the summer.  Other communities were also offered the same incentive and soon the newly formed Victoria Trail Agricultural Society (VTAS) found themselves with a membership that would come to serve Waskatenau and District.

 In 1973, the VTAS celebrated the grand opening of their building with a banquet, ice carnival, snowmobile rally and a dance.  The weekend following the August long weekend would become their designated weekend for participants to showcase their talents.  That Fall, the bench show featuring vegetables and flowers along with a horse and cattle show made its debut. Through the years, the addition of home baking, home canning, handicrafts, hay, grain, entertainment, sports, events, parades, and kids’ activities have made Victoria Trail Ag. Society Waskatenau Fair Days a successful and friendly event.  

Today, the multi-complex building is a heated, year round facility available for rent, with an adjacent skateboard, basketball and ice park.  The arena foyer will be renovated in 2017 to include a a fitness facility as well as a historic and sports display area.

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