VTAS Arena  

The VTAS Arena is available to riders, horse shows, livestock clinics and special events in the community.   The insulated and heated indoor facility has a 85' X 185' area for riding and other events.   Other amenities include bleacher seating for 150 people, washrooms, and a foyer area which is currently being converted to a physical fitness area.  The arena has access to camping within one block and it is only a short walk from the local Waskatenau motel.  

Directly across from the Arena, the VTAS maintains a skateboard park which is converted in the winter for outdoor ice skating.

Bookings & Guidelines 

We hope that VTAS Arena Users will respect the guidelines, terms and requirements that follow...


  • Please check VTAS online Booking Calendar for Arena availability.

  • Special Events, Training and Times for stallions MUST BE PREBOOKED.

  • Waivers for All Riders are mandatory on an annual basis and effective immediately. Individuals are responsible for the completion and filing of the VTAS Waiver and Release of Liability. Waivers can be completed online, signed and emailed to victoriatrailag@gmail.com or deposited in the collection box at the Arena.

  • Attention to Guidelines, Terms of Use and Requirements is the basis for continued access to the VTAS Arena. Each Arena User is responsible for downloading the Guidelines for Arena Use, signing and dating these on an annual basis.

  • Provide feedback and comments to victoriatrailag@gmail.com or on the message board at the Arena.

  • Failure to follow guidelines will result in loss of Arena Use.

Upon Arrival

  • Park horse trailers and multi-units north west of the Arena.

  • All riders must have a Waiver completed and signed. (Scroll down for Waiver)

During Arena Use

  • No Smoking.

  • No Profanity.

  • No alcohol permitted on premises.

  • Visitors and Viewers must sit in the designate seating area

  • Do not feed animals inside the arena.

  • Special Event Users are responsible for safety practices and conduct of event participants.

  • Helmets are mandatory for Minors.

  • Riders under 16 and under must be accompanied by a Rider 18 years or older.

  • Use the provided tie rings. Do not tie to the panels.

  • Observe rider etiquette. Riders travel left hand to left hand when going in opposite directions.

  • No dogs in the arena during riding sessions.

Before Leaving

  • Pay Fee.

  • Put away all equipment used.

  • Remove all manure, waste, and used material both inside and the outside of the arena. Use the appropriate receptacles if you are not hauling the waste and material away with you.

  • Turn off the lights and heating.

  • Close, pin and lock all doors including the exit doors.


For maintenance issues or to report untidy areas inside or outside the arena, please call Ed at 780-656-5592.

Waivers for VTAS Area Rentals 

(Click to download) 

VTAS Arena Rentals

VTAS Arena Rental Rates are set to cover basic utility and maintenance costs of the Arena.

Effective September 1, 2019 to September 1, 2020 Fees

  • Annual Membership Fee for horse riding

    • 18 and over - $400 annual fee

    • Juniors (ages 7–17) - $100 annual fee

    • 6 and under - Free

    • Family (max. of 2 adults and 2 children) - $500 annual fee

  • Private Bookings

    • Riding members $30 per hour.

    • Non-member accompanying an adult (18 & over) member is $20 per person.

    • Non-member riders $30 per hour for up to 3 riders. For more than 3 riders, the fee is $10 per hour per rider.

  • Special Events and Clinic Rentals

    • $30 per hour

    • $300 per day

  • Payment Terms

    • Payments for fees/bookings can be made by either:

      • cheque made out to VTAS which can be left in the deposit box at the Arena, or,

      • e-transfer plaz@telusplanet.net

    • For questions related to payment, contact Ed by text or phone @ 780-656-5592.

  • Ride Times

    • Public Ride times - All members that have paid their rider membership fees will have access to the riding arena and will receive a special key for which there is a $40 refundable deposit. This will allow paid membership riders to come and go on their own schedule; however, riders are required to sign in each time they use the arena. The PID number is required for the sign-in. A rider form must be completed by all paid membership riders. Please contact Ed at 780-656-5592.

    • Private Ride times - Private bookings must be made 24 hours in advance and are on a 'first come first served basis'. All users must ensure scheduled times are adhered to, including cleanup time which must be done within the time booked. Contact Ed at 780-656-5592 to make arrangements for private ride times.

Bookings for the Arena 

  • Please make bookings through Ed by text or phone @ 780-656-5592.